VORCUT and Veli production updates

VORCUT and Veli update 13th January

We are in the midst of fulfilment please expect your tracking number to be emailed to you at some point during the next seven days!

Important Veli note: If you have pre-ordered a Veli it is now time to pay the final balance here. Your Veli will then be shipped to you. Please be reassured that we will not automatically charge your payment details for the remaining balance on the Veli. Instead, we invite you to visit our website to make the second payment at your convenience (this can be whenever you are ready - we are happy to hold your watch for you). The watch will then be dispatched by express courier.


VORCUT and Veli update 8th January

The VORCUT and Veli watches cleared customs and arrived at VAPAUS HQ today. Fulfilment begins tomorrow!

VORCUT and Veli update 2nd January

Our Swiss manufacturing partner prepared the VAPAUS VORCUT and Veli watches for export today. On 3 Jan 2019 they will be collected by our courier and imported into the UK. Once the watches are in the UK we will begin carefully fulfilling orders.

VORCUT and Veli update 23rd December

We flew into Switzerland on Thursday night and spent Friday with our manufacturing partner inspecting VORCUT and Veli watches. We were very happy to sign off on the projects. The watches will be imported into the UK after the Christmas break.

VORCUT and Veli update 17th December

Work on the VORCUT and Veli is now complete. We will be flying out to Switzerland on Thursday (20th December) and performing our in person inspection on Friday (21st December).

Veli update 12th December 2018:

The colour matched date wheels are now perfect. All Veli parts are complete, our French straps are on hand and the second run of the Veli is under final assembly. Completing the watches to the highest standard is our absolute priority.

VORCUT update 12th December 2018:

Assembly of the VORCUT bodies is complete. Our French straps will be placed on the watches today. We will then begin testing and regulation, before flying out to Switzerland for final inspection. Completing the watches to the highest standard is our absolute priority.

VORCUT update 2nd December 2018:

Work on the strengthened chrono seconds hand has been completed to our total satisfaction. The watches are now under assembly in Switzerland.

Veli update 2nd December 2018:

We have now (as of 1 December) received the completed movements from Sellita.  Our bespoke colour-matched date-wheels are now being created to match our dial colours.  All other components have been completed. Once the colour-matched date wheels have been completed, the watches will be assembled.

VORCUT update 8th November 2018

Dear friends,  

As we enter November, we wanted to provide you with a further update on the manufacturing of your VORCUT. As mentioned in earlier updates, we lost a little time in our manufacturing schedule due to some survey responses taking longer than we had hoped. However, we managed to make this time up and were on target for a mid-November delivery.

However, in parallel to the main production run, our manufacturer has been continuing to mechanically stress test the final form prototypes. An important part of this testing was heavy use of the chronograph functions (including thousands of presses of the pushers). This testing has highlighted an issue which we feel we need to address. The VK64 movement has an extremely crisp and satisfying reset function. Under very heavy use, we have found that this caused a relatively minor distortion to the chrono seconds hand, due to the torque generated. While this type of stress testing is far in excess of how the chrono functions would, in reality, be used, we believe that this needs to be addressed. We are therefore re-tooling the chrono seconds hands to make them stronger and able to withstand greater torque.

This work is already underway, but will cause an adjustment to our schedule. We now anticipate completing our final quality checks in December (both Rudi and I will fly to Switzerland to complete this check personally).

We are very sorry for this delay, which we appreciate will cause some disappointment. We remain, as always, committed to delivering you the very best quality watch that we can make.

Best wishes,

Oliver & Rudi