VAPAUS will craft new Veli watches towards the end of 2024. Email us to state interest and pre-order.
VAPAUS will craft new Veli watches towards the end of 2024. Email us to state interest and pre-order.


Veli is our 38mm, Swiss Made, mechanical, handwound, high-arch double domed sapphire crystal, 1950s inspired dress watch.

Wind the movement - in quiet reflection - every morning.

Veli is for the minimalist. The only features are time and date. The perfect watch to set a man apart from his distracted contemporaries.

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VAPAUS was founded in England by brothers Oliver and Rudi Laing.

VAPAUS is the antithesis of the modern trend for disposable, oversized wristwatches with smart features. We create modestly proportioned, minimal, mechanical timepieces — that are designed to endure a lifetime.

VAPAUS design charts a lineage from the 1940-1960s. Our watches have 38mm faces, domed sapphire crystals, slim profiles and beautifully engineered movements.

VAPAUS watches are designed in England and crafted in Switzerland.

Why hand-wound?

1. 1950s Style - the gently modernised 1950s aesthetic of the Veli is more in sympathy with a hand-wound movement than an automatic.

2. Ultra-Slim - hand-wound movements do not have a rotor, meaning that they tend to be slimmer than automatic movements. This meant we could make our case stunningly slim, at just 6.85mm.

3. The Bond - for watch lovers, the true beauty of a hand-wound movement is the incredibly satisfying feeling of winding the watch. Each turn supplying power and energy which will drive the watch throughout the day and night, while deepening the bond you feel with your chosen timepiece.

The VAPAUS Veli is powered by the highly regarded Sellita SW215-1 Elaboré edition.

High-arch sapphire

The Veli's most talked about attribute is its high-arch double domed sapphire crystal. The sapphire refracts light beautifully. The crystal, at its apex, stands 2.80mm above the case, curving smoothly across its surface.

High-arched sapphire crystal is an extremely desirable and rare feature in modern watchmaking. The reason for this is quite simple — they are extremely expensive to produce.

We adore domed sapphire crystal.

Colour-matched date wheel

The devil is in the details, and we love details. The Veli's date wheel is matched perfectly to our four dials — Ice Silver, Deep Blue Slate Grey and Space Black.

Naturally the Ice Silver Veli has a gently silvered date window, not a white.

Hand choice

The Veli is offered with either classic alpha hands (Veli 1950), or our signature syringe hands (Veli 2050). The 2050 hands have created a cult following among watch aficionados — enthralled by the juxtaposition between a classic and modern aesthetic; while the 1950 hands resonate clearly with the legacy of the timepiece.

Sunburst dial

Deep and subtle, yet striking, our sunburst dials come in Ice Silver, Space Black, Deep Blue and Slate Grey.

Our sunburst dials work in tandem with our high-arch double domed sapphire crystal — to create a mesmerizing, every-changing surface — for light to play upon.


The VAPAUS business model has no middle-man or retailer mark up. We (the manufacturer) ship direct to the end user — you. This way we can make the finest men's wrist-watches at a price point that can thrive in the modern marketplace.

We believe that the VAPAUS Veli is the best mechanical watch that can be purchased for less than $999. Our retail price point is £599 ($829 / EUR 699).

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Worn & Wound

An obvious highlight of the Veli is the vintage inspired, small-sized case design. Measuring 38 x 44 x 9mm (to the top of the domed sapphire crystal), it’s finally a watch with proportions that are akin to mid-century watches. Perhaps more importantly though, is that the watch is nice and thin, thanks to the Sellita SW215-1 manual wound movement. Without the crystal, the case is only a bit over 6mm.

Read a selection of the praise that has been kindly heaped on our watches by horological experts.


All VAPAUS watches ship by express courier, within 3 days of your order being placed.

Your watch will arrive safely packaged inside our Luxury Travel Wallet.

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