We are open and operating efficiently.
We are open and operating efficiently.


Here is a selection of the praise that has been kindly heaped on our watches:


Watch Chronicler


K.D.P. Ross


Worn and Wound - Hands on with the VAPAUS Veli

Read the full review here. We've got a lot of respect for Zach Weiss as an expert, so much so, that we immediately enlarged the crown of the Veli after his review of the 2050 Deep Blue prototype. All commercially available Veli watches have the enlarged crown this includes the first run of the Veli that were funded through Kickstarter.


Worn and Wound - First Look: Vapaus Vorcut Chronograph

Read the full analysis here. We especially enjoyed this pieces' focus on our strange Rorschach variant case back and our 60s dream dial.


Le Petit Poussoir

French VAPAUS Veli review

A fantastic review by the French publication Le Petit Poussoir. We really like the photography in this review, especially the images of the Veli case!


The Time Bum

Read GUTuna thoughtful musings here. This is an interesting piece of watch journalism as it highlights his own decision making when it came to picking up the Veli.